Fact: The lost tribes of Israel are somewhere in Asia.

Fact: All nations of Asia have internet.

Therefore, the lost tribes of Israel have internet.

They use Facebook and have Skype and Whatsapp.

Can't we just Google them?

Rabbi Binyamin of Todela (12th century):

Israelis from the mountains of Nesbor (Afghanistan's border with Iran) on the river of Gozan,

say that 4 tribes of Israel live in the mountains of Nesbor: Dan, Zevulun, Asher and Naftali

since the exile of Shalmansar, king of Assyria

The king of Assyria took the other tribes to Medes (Kings 2 18:11).

Medes was in the Khorasan (Sefer Ha Yashar, Noah, about Dor Ha Palaga, Wikipedia).

Khorassan is an area that included Afghanistan.

"Asif and Afghana continued to conduct the administration of both the military and civil affairs at Jerusalem..."

"... carrying away the Israelites, whom he settled in the mountainous districts of

Ghor, Ghazneen (Ghazni), Kabul, Kandahar and Koh Firozeh" (The History of the Afghans, 17th century).

"In beauty, nobody can surpass Pashtuns,

because they actually belong to the family of Prophet Yaaqov."

(Pashtun warrior-poet Khushal Khattak 1613–1689).

"My cousins told me lobsters, shrimps, and crabs are Haram. I kept telling them that in Islam

shellfish is Halal to eat but they felt very strong about it being forbidden.

Later on I realized where they were getting that from, LOL!"

"There are 30,000 people in my village, only one married a non-Afghan and was banished. Even his family doesn't talk to him."

"We don't eat dairy with meat and don't even use the same dishes."

"After slaughtering an animal, we must cover the blood."

And you, son of Adam, take for yourself one stick and write upon it, 'For Judah and for the children of Israel his companions'

and take one stick and write upon it, 'For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and all the house of Israel, his companions

and they shall become one in My hand. (Prophet Yehezkel 37)

"We want to stand together with you on mount Zion.

Put our hands up and show the whole world that the people of Israel are alive!

Even geography and religious differences won't stand in our way to be brothers,

again, after thousands of years."

Amram Yousufzai, Afghan, Pakistan.

And the envy of Ephraim shall cease, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off;

Ephraim shall not envy Judah, nor shall Judah vex Ephraim (Prophet Yeshaaya 11)

"We were all raised to love our nation,

and we were tought that when the people of Israel are united,

even when, God forbid, we are not righteous,

still we are unbeatable...

And without all the tribes, we are like a man without some of his body parts."

Liron Laloo, Jew, Israel.

"History needs to be repeated and all Bani Israel around the globe including Afghans

should do their job for the empowerment of Bani Israel, to make history and make the nation of Israel great."

Faizan, Afghan, Afghanistan.

"Reconnecting is important. It has been prophesied in Islam and in Judaism.

It will herald a golden age of world peace."

Jan, Afghan, UAE.

"We are living under a curse, getting murdered for centuries. We need to reunite to end this curse."

Ahmed Khan Momand, Afghan, Pakistan.

"The prophecies say that when we get together we shall be redeemed."

David Pisanti, Jew, Israel.

"Reconnecting with Pashtun Bani Ysrael is the most important event in our times."

Cheryl Conway, Jew, England.

"We are all one nation, God's nation. Our enemies succeeded in dividing us, let's not let them win."

Ofer Freilich, Jew, Israel.

"Imagine a person who just heard that his wife gave birth in the hospital.

He arrives to find 3 babies. He loves his son, but he doesn't know which one is him.

When he finds which one is his baby, he finally knows which baby he always loved.

I always loved my family, the other tribes of Israel, just didn't know who they were,

until I found out they are the great Afghan nation."

Nadav Sofy, Jew, Israel.

And it shall come to pass on that day, that a great shofar shall be sounded,

and those lost in the land of Assyria and those exiled in the land of Egypt shall come

and they shall prostrate themselves before the Lord on the holy mount in Jerusalem (Prophet Yeshaaya 27)

"Reconnecting with your tribe is important because it is your identity!

I am ready to connect with my long-lost family.

Five fingers are not the same, yet they are connected by the wrist, and when you bring them together,

they make up a powerful fist, if you know what I mean.

Hashem will bless you."

Khadem, Afghan, Canada.

"It is important to give the people of Afghanistan hope through all their hardships.

I believe that reconnecting to Israel can offer them more than just material benefits

like pride in our nation's acheivements and a greater sense of destiny and identity

And Jews can learn from Afghans true bravery, determination, and fighting spirit."

Yeshaya Ginsburg, Jew, Israel.

"We never had any conflicts with Israel, we never had any wars, why don’t we have diplomatic relations?

If Arabs stand against Israel, why would we be the enemies of Israel for the sake of Arabs?

We are a free, independent nation, we are the ones to decide our foreign policies, and we shouldn’t follow Iran and Arabs.

I hope that together we can inspire our governments to establish friendly relations."

Naqibullah Isaczai, Afghan, USA.

"200 years ago most people would laugh at the suggestion that a Jewish state

surrounded by millions of enemies will be reborn and defended in its original location,

but every Jew on Earth knew for sure it was just a matter of time!

If you're smart, don't bet against us. We will be reunited."

Nadav Sofy, Jew, Israel.